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Puranetihasa Dept. was established on 1971 by famous Scholar of Veda- Agama- Purana-Dharmasastra Pt.Somanatha Dash.In July 1980 other two famous scholar of Puranetihasa Dr Ramteerth Mishra and FakirMohan Panda join the Department. In 1993 Dr Minati Rath and in 2009 Dr Makhlesh Kumar both schlor Join the the dept. In 2011 Dr. R. M. Pratihari TGT of School dept join as Asst. Prof. in P.I dept.after she got promotion. In 2012 Dr K.C.Kabi got appointment as guest faculty now this dept is going on consisting of four facultiesShastri and Acharya classes has been running consisting of 101students in both the degree (U.G& P.G).This dept has constituted a Samitee named as Vyasa Peetha Samitee to promote Scriptures like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, Bhagawatam, Gita, and Other Puranas. PI dept publishes huge amount of articles, research papers, books,& journals.We organizes more than five seminars vidwat Sabhas RadioTalks each year to popularizes scriptures among common man, students and intellectuals.
  • Aims and objective of Puranetihas department is to inculcate spirituality among young minds with a love of learning. To fulfill this objective our department organizes Departmental seminar on Bhagabatam, Publication of Departmental Resaarch Journal Puran- Jyotsna, National seminar on different Purans and extension lecture, Vidwat Sabha on Vyasa Jayanti.Vidwat Sabha on Bhagabat Jayanti,Vidwat Sabha onValmiki Jayanti,Vidwat Sabha on Shree Ram Navami.Vidwat Sabha on Gita Jayanti., Bhagawat Parayanam and Pujanm by student and faculties. Astaprahari Namasamkirtanam by students and faculties etc. Spirituality is the only way to channelize young people to make them achieve prospective goals. We always follow the tripolar process of education and connect teacher, students, common people with us to make our teaching- learning process more successful and broden.

Prof. (Smt.) M. Rath
Sl.No. Name Designation Profile Details
Prof. (Smt.) M. Rath
Prof. Makhlesh Kumar
Dr. (Smt.) R.M. Pratihari
Assistant Professor
Dr. Krushna Chandra Kabi
Guest Faculty (Assistant Professor Grade)