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Vision, Mission and Objectives
नवोन्‍मेष-नवाचारा: समाश्रितपरम्‍परा:।
संस्‍कृतक्षेत्रोन्नयनाय परिरक्षणाय च कार्यरतानां मानवीयतत्त्वानां सर्वतोमुखविकासार्थं शिक्षणं प्रशिक्षणं च प्रदाय संस्‍कृतक्षेत्रे पारम्‍परिक विद्यासु च अनुसन्‍धानकार्यसम्‍पादनम् ।

Mission (लक्ष्‍यम्)

  • To create a platform for new knowledge based on Sanskrit heritage.
  • To promote Indian Knowledge system in all relevant fields.
  • To bring Sanskrit as a medium in mainstream Education.
  • To connect the Sanskrit fraternity to the modern academia.
  • To make Sanskrit as a vibrant filed of multidisciplinary research.
  • To develop CSU as an accredited Sanskrit based knowledge hub.

Vision (दृष्टि:)

Transformation of Central Sanskrit University as a world-class university for establishment of the glory of Sanskrit learning in the global context in the order to make Bharat as "Vishwa guru".

Objectives (उद्देश्‍यानि)

  • To disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional, research and extension facilities for the promotion of Sanskrit Language and such other branches of learning as it may deem fit.
  • To make special provisions for integrated courses humanities, social sciences and science in its educational programmes.
  • To take appropriate measures for promoting innovations teaching learning process and inter-disciplinary studies and research.
  • To educate and train manpower for the overall development, promotion, preservation and research in the field of Sanskrit and Sanskrit traditional subjects.