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Shree jagannath Dham is one of the most Prominent dham of four Dham in hindu calture in india. Which situated as holy city at Puri . To enhance the Shree Jagannath Sanskrit TOL was established by Mahamahopadhyaya Acharya Harihara Dash During the year of 1865 .Then in course of time the TOL was under the Odisha government and became known as Sri Sadashiva Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya. This same Sri Sadashiva Sanskrit College was affiliated to the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan in 1971 and later as Sadashiva Campus. Departments of Navya Vyakaran, Navya Nyaya, Sahitya, Sankhya Yoga, Puranetihasa, Dharmashastra, Astrology, Advaita Vedanta,and Sarvadarshan are taught on the campus. The most prominent of these divisions is theDepartment of Navya Vyakaran . From the beginning, the Vyakaran Department is useful to other Shatras.
In the beginning, Pandit Sri Ramagya Pandey ,Chintamani Mishra, Padmanabha Mishra, Banamali Mishra and others enhanced this department. Since then, the Vyakaran teachers here have encouraged the preservation and promotion of grammar. In 1987, the then heads of the Department of Grammar, Drs. Under the guidance of Dr.Kewalkrishna Shastri, Dr. R. Devnathan, Vice-Chancellor, Jagatguru Ramandacharya Sanskrit University, Rajasthan; Dr.Narottama Senapati, Dr. K.V. Somayajulu, Dr. Grammarians like Jai Ramakrishna and Kavita Swain, received the title of Vidyavaridhi. Devotees from various states of India who are curious about grammar come here to study grammar in the classes of pre-scriptural scriptural teachers. Moreover, some study grammar through distance learning by enrolling themselves in the open self-study chair here on campus. Alumni of the same Vyakarana department, Dr. Kishore Chandra Padhi, Dr.Govinda Kar ,Dr.Harihar Hota ,Dr.Hare Krishna Mahapatra ,Dr.Banmali Bishwal ,Dr.Durga Charan Shadangi ,Dr.Sanat Kumar Ratha Dr.Anupama Prusty,Dr.Umesh Chandra Mishra Dr.Narottama Senaapati and many other scholars enhance the pride of the Vyakaran department in various universities at the all-India level. Some other grammar students are Sanskrit teachers in primary, upper- primary and secondary schools in central and state government colleges and promote the importance of the Vyakaran department.

Names of the Heads of Grammar Departments –

1. Sri Ramagya Pandey
2. Sri Chintamani Mishra
3. Sri Padmanabha Mishra
4. Sri Banmali Mishra
5. Prof. Shivadasa Mishra
6. Dr. Ramkishor Shukla
7. Sri Purna Chandra Tripathi
8. Sri Divakar Dash
9. Sri Chandrashekhar Dash
10. Dr. Kevalkrishna Shastri
11. Dr. Surendra Pathak
12. Prof. Harekrishna Mahapatra
13. Dr. K.V. Somayajulu
14. Prof. C. L. Piscili
15. Prof. Hare Krishna Mahapatra
16. Prof . K.V. Somayajulu
  • To prepare qualitative students in Sanskrit field of Vyakaran .
  • To enable the Students to be engaged in various fields to get an employment.
  • To enable the students to fit themselves in the field of Shastric as well as modern trend of education also.
  • Though, we have a central library in our campus, our department also Provides books to student through our Departmental library which much more beneficial and convenient for them.

Prof K V Somayajulu
Sl.No. Name Designation Profile Details
1 Prof K V Somayajulu Professor
2 Prof(Smt) Anupama Prusty Professor
3 Dr D C Sarangi Associate Professor
4 Dr Ajayanada Sahoo Assistant Professor Grade (Guest Faculty)
5 Dr. Manish Sharma Assistant Professor Grade (Guest Faculty)
6 Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor Grade (Guest Faculty)